Little Deschutes Peach on the
Chocolate Based Cream LH
DOB: 5/12/2019
PRA: Clear
OFA Eyes: Normal
Patella: Normal
Cardiac: Normal
Weight: 9lbs, 2oz

Peaches come from Little Deschutes
Dachshunds. She has come to
RoseDox to be apart of our small
breeding program. She is a
sweetheart and doesn't have one
mean bone in her body just like her
Dam. I'm very excited for this little
girl, and what her future holds.
Peaches carries for Points and  
Little Deschutes Says Beauty of
"Heidi Ho"
Red Piebald LH
DOB: 2/8/2019
PRA: Clear
OFA Eyes: Normal
Petella: Grade 1
Weight: 9lbs, 12oz

Heidi is a laid back little love. She
definitely gives everyone her two
cents weather you wanted it or not.
Heidi carries for Cream, Red, Black
and Points.
(No Merle- was tested)

RoseDox Dachshunds
Theresa Ferrante
LaPine, Oregon
Lilac City Little Dixie Chic
Black and Cream Smooth
DOB: 3/7/2019
PRA: Affected
OFA Eyes: Normal
Petella: Normal
Weight: 13lbs, 10oz

Dixie loves to be apart of the family,
and is willing to always warm up your
lap weather you as for it or not. She
loves to be the center of attention
and will stop at nothing to put a smile
on your face. Dixie carries for Solid
and points.
RoseDox Miss Death By Chocolate
Chocolate and Cream LH
DOB: 3/14/2020
PRA: Clear
OFA Eyes: Normal
Petella: Normal
OFA Cardiac: Normal
Weight: 9 lbs

Maya is a wonderful addition to the
RoseDox program. She is lovable and
always want to be your lap warmer,
she is the literal word of velcro. Im very
excited to see what this beautiful girl
has in store for her. Maya carries for
Piebald, and Points.
RoseDox Miss Luna's Eclipse
Red Brindle LH
DOB: 6/11/2020
PRA: Clear
OFA Eyes: Pending
Petella: Pending
OFA Cardiac: Pending
Weight: 11lbs, 12oz

Luna is sweet and very independent.
She loves the play and keep everyone
in the program on their toes. Luna is
also Mayas half sister. Im very excited
for this girl and cant wait for what her
future has in store! Luna carries for
Cream, Chocolate, and Red.